Reflecting on the Success of APE 2024: A Photonics Experience in Singapore

This past March, I had the pleasure of attending the Asia Photonics Expo (APE) 2024 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It was an incredible experience that brought together a vibrant community of industry professionals, companies, and enthusiasts. APE aims to become the leading photonics platform in the ASEAN region, and it truly showcased the latest technologies for emerging markets in Asia and beyond. The event fostered meaningful communication and collaboration within the entire photonics supply chain, making it a must-attend for anyone in the industry.

IVAM Marketing Award Asia: Celebrating Excellence in Medical Technology Marketing

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise in the field of medical technology? Are you planning to exhibit at Medical manufacturing Asia in Singapore in September? Do you pride yourself on innovative marketing strategies that have propelled your business forward? If so, the IVAM Marketing Award Asia @MMA is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Supply Chains, Staff Shortage and Climate Crisis: Microtech Industry Defies National and Global Challenges in 2023/24

The consequences of global crises in the form of supply chain problems and rising energy prices are a major challenge, especially in the high-tech sector. Recruitment is increasingly becoming a management problem at national level. These are the results of IVAM's annual survey of economic data from companies and research institutions in the field of microtechnology and related key technologies in Europe. The economic situation of the sector as well as trends and challenges were determined.

Investieren Sie in eine neue Maschine mit dem Namen "Digitalmarketing für B2B"

Einer meiner Studenten hat auf der letzten Medica-Messe in 2022 untersucht, wie viele Unternehmen noch mit Printmaterial unterwegs sind und wie viele mit digitalen Angeboten aufwarten. Explodierende Papierpreise und digitale Lerneffekte aus der Corona-Krise nährten die Erwartung, dass das Papierangebot eher auf dem Rückzug ist. Tatsächlich dominiert es weiterhin. Dabei braucht der Mittelstand dringend ein Marketing-Update: weg vom Papier hin zum Einsatz von KI.

Medical Manufacturing Asia in Singapore: A Great Place to Start your ASEAN Business

The medical technology supply market continues to boom worldwide. A few weeks ago we were at Medical Manufacturing Asia in Singapore (MMA) and it was a great exhibition with many highlights. If the COMPAMED show in Düsseldorf is interesting for your company, you should also take a closer look at MMA.

Internationalization on its Way Back to Business

The pandemic has changed business life: Business trips and trade shows are being selected and planned much more carefully than we were used to before. The beneficiaries of this are the trade fair venues, which are always really worthwhile for exhibitors and visitors. The medical technology supply fair MD&M West is certainly one of them. I would like to share my impressions and experiences with you here.

Climate Change - Corona Crisis - Political changes: How is the microtechnology branch dealing with these challenges?

How sustainable is microtechnology in 2022? What are the expectations to the new German government? And what are the biggest uncertainty factors facing the branch? These questions were the focus of the IVAM survey 2022. As in previous years, the survey was conducted among several thousand European companies and institutes in the fields of microtechnology, MEMS, nanotechnology, advanced materials and related key enabling technologies.

Eine aussterbende Art? - Die Ausbildung des Mikrotechnologen

Mikrotechnologen und -technologinnen sind die Experten, wenn es darum geht, mikrotechnische Produkte und miniaturisierte Komponenten zu fertigen. Obwohl der Bedarf an spezialisierten Fachkräften in diesem Bereich aktuell steigt, fehlt es zunehmend an Nachwuchs. Obwohl im Großraum Dortmund etliche Mikrotechnik-Unternehmen ansässig sind, droht der Ausbildungsgang auszusterben. Über Gründe und notwendige Maßnahmen haben wir mit dem Bereichsleiter eines Berufskollegs sowie AzuBis aus diesem Bereich gesprochen.

"Nachhaltiger“ Leben und Arbeiten? Darum müssen sich jetzt alle Unternehmen kümmern!

Was ist Ihr Vorsatz für das neue Jahr? Vielleicht auch mehr Aktivität in Sachen "Nachhaltigkeit"? Das Thema ist immerhin in aller Munde. Überall wird darüber geredet, dass wir „nachhaltiger“ Leben und Arbeiten müssen, um unsere Umwelt zu erhalten, den Klimawandel zu bremsen und unsere endlichen Ressourcen zu schonen. Aber: Was ist eigentlich genau unter „Nachhaltigkeit“ zu verstehen?

Five good reasons why it pays off to involve networks and associations to enter foreign markets

Doing business successfully abroad? But preferably without laborious learnings and burnt money. Anyone with experience in international business development knows that many steps are necessary to successfully gain a foothold. Wouldn't it be nice if there were effective shortcuts on the road to success? An effective measure can be to proceed strategically and first and foremost identify the right partner for one's project.