On the Road to Standardization in Microfluidics and Organ-on-Chip

Curious about the latest advancements in microfluidics and Organ-on-Chip standardization? Interested in gaining insights into the ongoing discussions surrounding a groundbreaking sensor/microfluidics interface standard? This article provides a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming activities in these fields, offering a glimpse into the future of cutting-edge technologies.

Supply Chains, Staff Shortage and Climate Crisis: Microtech Industry Defies National and Global Challenges in 2023/24

The consequences of global crises in the form of supply chain problems and rising energy prices are a major challenge, especially in the high-tech sector. Recruitment is increasingly becoming a management problem at national level. These are the results of IVAM's annual survey of economic data from companies and research institutions in the field of microtechnology and related key technologies in Europe. The economic situation of the sector as well as trends and challenges were determined.

μ-MIM-Technologie löst technische Probleme

Die steigende Nachfrage nach Mikroteilen in verschiedenen Branchen ist ungebrochen. Die μ-MIM-Technologie wurde speziell für besonders kleine Metallteile mit engen Maßtoleranzen entwickelt. Wir haben uns ausschließlich auf die Herstellung von kleinen, komplexen Metallteilen in Netzform konzentriert, so dass der Trend zu MIM-Teilen mit einer Größe von mehr als 30 mm nicht in unserem Fokus liegt.

IVAM Member Anniversaries: a big "Thank You" to long-standing members

Joining an organization or a network is always a strategic question - and for many small and medium-sized companies exactly the right strategy to drive their business forward in the long term. We are especially pleased that there are IVAM members who have been loyal to us for many years and are celebrating 10, 15 or 20 years of IVAM membership.

Micro Systems at COMPAMED 2023

Micro Systems will be exhibiting within the IVAM Microtechnology area at COMPAMED 2023, a premier international trade show focused on high-tech solutions for the medical industry, which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from Monday 13 to Thursday 16 November 2023. Micro Systems looks forward to welcoming all attendees at Booth F35.3, Hall 8a.

IVAM Microtechnology Podcast: High-tech for Medical Devices

Modern high technologies are important for driving research and development in Medical Technology, e.g. for drugs, vaccines and medical devices. Additionally there is an increasing demand for mobility and energy efficiency with regard to modern medical technology for diagnosis and therapy. For this reason, the market for medical components and innovative processes continues to grow rapidly.

A Japanese Company with Ultra Precise Polishing Technology

TDC is a company located in Japan, that is the world's only company with ultra-precision mirror polishing technology that can polish any shape of any material, including metal, ceramics, resin, and glass, with nano-level precision. TDC has a total of 4,000 domestic customers, mainly companies in the automobile, semiconductor, and space industries, many of which process ultra-precision parts such as MEMS (microelectromechanical system) sensors. There are also processed products that only TDC can produce in the world.

Creating a Fused Silica Glass Lung by Using Selective Laser-induced Etching Technology

Technical glass enables unique features that are interesting for a wide variety of high-precision applications. Glass is chemically inert, therefore it remains chemically stable in harsh environments. Moreover, technical glass e.g. fused silica is resistant to high temperatures and enables excellent optical transmission without any auto fluorescence from deep UV to mid IR.

From idea to IVD product – individual lab on a chip solutions

The past pandemic has shown that smart lab on a chip solutions are stronger in need than ever, for infectious disease control, but also for routine diagnostics that require quick responses or automation of demanding sample preparation workflows. Start-ups and established companies often face the challenge to transform their product idea into initial prototypes and industrial series production with limited resources in terms of time, capacities and decentralized development processes.

Erfolgsformat "Spotlight": Online-Miniweiterbildungen vermitteln technische Innovationen und Soft Skills

Die digitale Veranstaltungsreihe "Spotlights" gewährt den Teilnehmern regelmäßig Einblicke in den neuesten Stand verschiedener Themen, die Unternehmen aus der Mikro- und Nanotechnologie bewegen. Diese Initiative, initiiert von IVAM in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Regionalen Berufsbildungszentrum des Kreises Steinburg (RBZ), konzentriert sich auf innovative Entwicklungen und fachübergreifend relevante Themen in der Hightech-Branche.