Dr. Wolfgang Huber

Chips 4 Light GmbH
Jul. 25, 2023
Dr. Wolfgang Huber

Chips 4 Light GmbH

LED Chips Custom Measured for Precise Requirements

LED chips as miniaturized light source in sensor technology

Developers of precision sensors are often looking for components with special properties. These are not always available on the market. Specific conditions, such as limited space and high ambient temperatures, make it difficult to use standard LED components. The pure LED semiconductor chip, in contrast to the larger packed LED component is often the only way to meet the customer’s requirements. 

LED chips have a number of advantages in the development of for example sensors, especially when it comes to addressing specific requirements. Because they are very small, unlike larger LED components, they can be used in applications where available space is limited. Among other things, the bare die allows the design to realize different functions on one board, for example several wavelengths on a very small area or integration of LED chips and photodiodes in a common, tiny package as well as the highly precise placement of optical components like lenses relative to the die to establish a special viewing angle.

Chips 4 Light meets exactly these challenges with an extensive LED and detector chip portfolio (synonymous are dice or die). In addition to the opto-semiconductors components, the company has equipment to meet customer-specific requirements.

Services for storage, die sorting and measuring

Chips 4 Light has therefore also invested in "die sorters", which are used to sort the single LED chip off the wafer and place on different carriers as blue foil, UV foil, gel or waffle pack, which is necessary to create small quantity sample wafers for initial customer evaluation. 

Additionally the company also offers its customers long-term storage of LED chips in waffle or gel packs for the complete project duration by using special dry storage cabinets. This protects the LED chips from external influences such as moisture and dust and enables easy and safe handling, while getting rid of the blue foil, which is normally limiting the storage time of the chips.

Furthermore Chips 4 Light is able to perform a wavelength, brightness and voltage measurement of individual vertical dice according to customer specification. Even in case the customer needs support in the processing and packaging of bare dice, the company offers the development and production of customized LEDs as well as optical and thermal simulations upfront.  

Such precise detail work is delivered by the company not only in the field of LED and detector chips, but also for TO38 and TO56 semiconductor laser diodes in the visible and infrared spectral range. Chips 4 Light has developed a special measuring station, where individual laser diodes can be classified according to brightness, wavelength and viewing angle. Thus customers receive precisely measured laser diodes according to the desired specification.

Chips 4 Light GmbH, Sinzing, Germany


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