Xavitech develops, manufactures, and supplies diaphragm pumps for every demand of gas and liquid flows in the range of 1-1000 ml/min.Our expertise in electronics and software, as well as mechanical engineering, makes our Xavitech team strong and well suited to guide you to the best solution. We strive to ensure our customer’s satisfaction with our technology and service, from the selection of a pump model to system integration.Xavitech’s main office is located in Sweden. Together with our distributors in the USA, UK, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and China we are reaching out to the global market.


Xavitech micro pumps are pumps with built-in microcontrollers, which makes it possible to create customized firmware for various purposes. The pumps market leading lifetime, calibrated flow performance and low flow pulsations makes it suitible for a wide range of applications within:

  • gas analysis and gas sampling
  • liquid analysis and liquid sampling

Flow performance: up to 1200 ml/min (gas) / 100 ml/min (liquid)Vacuum performance: up to -350 mbarPressure performance: up to 350 mbarGuaranteed lifetime: up to 35 000 h

Each pump that leaves our workshop is individually programmed, calibrated, and tested either as a standard pump or as a customized model for a specific application.


By processing data on working conditions, the pump can automatically take necessary measures in real time to adjust its performance according to condition changes, which makes it possible to create customized software for various purposes. Custom calibration may also give you system savings by reducing the number of additional components needed in your system.

Examples of customized software:

  • Silent mode
  • Energy saving mode
  • Battery operation – constant flow regardless of battery voltage
  • Pressure-/Vacuum-maintaining mode
  • Time interval control
  • Delay in start up
  • Switch between different modes

Other customizations:

  • Choose Your custom calibration point for flow, frequency, stroke length or pressure
  • We optimize Your pump for a specific value range of flow, frequency, stroke length or pressure to give You the possibility to fine tune Your pump within a certain value range


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