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- Ultra-precision lapping and ultra-precision polishing
- High-precision manufacturing in various elements
- Wide range of materials

Ultra-High-Precision Mirror Polishing and Lapping Technology for MEMS Applications

TDC provides ultra-precise lapping and polishing services for MEMS and micro sensors. Our technology realizes high precision quality such as surface roughness Ra 1nm, parallelism 100 nm, flatness 30 nm, size tolerance +/-100 nm, angle +/- 3 sec, and roundness 50 nm. In addition to providing polishing services, we work like a one-stop-shop to fabricate precise parts, as well as handle a wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics, resin, glass, and semiconductors. We have experience with many applications in the fields of MEMS and micro sensors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, precision parts for machine tools, optics, and space research. TDC also has contributed to JAXA’s asteroid explore “Hayabusa 2” which successfully completed the mission designed for returning asteroid samples in 2020.  To learn more about us, please visit our website at or email Chisato Maeda at


TDC Corporation
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Chisato Maeda
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